Thursday, April 24, 2008

Slowly getting done with this order.

I have 36 items done on a total of 50 items, for the consignment order. I am slowly getting there, and I'm getting really excited over all this. I'm still waiting for stuff to come over the mail, but I have more than half of the articles ready.

I have 9 sterling silver wire wrapped rings. I tag them separately and then put them in little ziploc bags to avoid tarnishing. I really like all these bright colors on the picture ! Makes me think of candy or something...

I'm still wondering how much I will sell these for. I have to consider the commission and the shipping as well. I do not have to use my own display, since the boutique's owner provides them free of charge. (Which is great !)

I also took a few pictures of the new design I came up with yesterday. I also made new earring cards. At the back, I have printed where it is made, and for whom it is made. The front simply a signature. I signed Enid on EVERY single card, and I like the look so far =)

I like this new design, I never really worked with shell and the mix with foiled glass is awesome. I also got bright fushia shyell beads that are similar to the ones on the picture. I matched them with bright blue foiled glass and it looks very nice too.

When I get more time, and when I buy some more, I will make the same design 2-3 times and list it in my Etsy and my stores, to see what the demand is. It probably will be a success this summer, because the colors are awesome, and I could see myself wearing these at the beach =)

I also made a couple of dichroic glass earrings. I have 4 pairs so far, and need to have 6 more pairs, to send out with the first order. Here's how they look with the earring cards...
Sorry if the light is reflecting on the bag a little, but they were already wrapped for shipping, and I didn't really want to take them out of the bags and put them back in after.

Finally, I made 6 pairs of sterling silver earrings... These are made with stones, shell and pearls. They're on the same earring cards as the previous shell earrings, and it looks great ! I want to have more professional-looking earrings cards, but for now, I like the plain look of these.

Today was a great day, I think it was at lest 25°C outside today. I even got my first sunburn of the season ! (That's bad =/) Flowers are starting to bloom, I even took pictures.
Isn't it gorgeous ? We're starting to see some color ! I used to be scared that we still have snow for the wedding or something... No, really, I was scared.

Hmmm. I shall get back to work now... And my sunburn itches.

I should keep my hands busy so I don't start scratching my red shoulders.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sooo lazy.

I have been such a slacker lately ! I haven't even touched a single website yesterday. Since the weather was so nice, I decided to work on my consignment order again, and go out for some shopping !

So here's what I did yesterday ; First, I woke up around 9AM, because birds were singing and my room wasn't even dark anymore... So there. I got up and moved all my stuff to the kitchen table, so I could enjoy the sun and the spring breeze filtering through our sliding door. I crafted there almost all day, and the only time I went out was to buy new supplies.

I got some nice shell beads, as well as som cool new silver foiled beads. Form these supplies, I came up with totally new designs the I will probably photograph tomorrow. They're already mounted on earring cards, so I will take the pictures when everything is done, to show you what my consignment order will consist of !

By the way, we got an awesome response to my "Christianity meets Handmade" chronicles on I can't wait to write more articles to make people discover those great Christian crafters =)

That's all for today, I'll post some colorful pics tomorrow, that'll bring some joy to my blog !


Monday, April 21, 2008

Rad !

I discovered a lot of Christian artist on Etsy, and joined the CAST team ! (Christian Artists Street Team) I really think that it is the team for me, and that I will love it =)

I started contribution to my boyfriend's blog. (Christianity themed blog) I will introduce, from week to week, a seller who is part of CAST or not. My articles are under a section called "Christianity Meets Handmade" Take a peek !

Phil'z Corner is where you can find my weekly articles !

I have also been very busy for the past days, as I just signed a consignment agreement with Boutique Mixi, in Quebec City. I've been making more of these dichroic glass earrings. Look how these are gorgeous ! Absolutely love the new color mix.

Doesn't it look rich and sophisticated ? I really like the bright ones, but these look chic chic chic !

I have to deliver 50 items of all sorts before May 1rst. I had to order materials yesterday, and I`ll keep my fingers crossed to have them fast... I already have 4 pairs of earrings made for this order, as well as 3 sterling silver wirewrapped rings. I just need... 43 other items =/

I should stop blogging and get to work. Yes ?



Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa =)

Yesterday's was my dad's birthday. My hard-working papa is now 56 years old ! So I guess today's is going to be "Papa's Post"...

Papa works a lot. He's got 4 days per week day job, and works the other 3 days as a sideline. He does silly things when working, and ends up hurting himself most of the time. (Bad, Papa.)

Here he is, when we had that major snow storm in Montreal...

isn't he adorable ? =D

Happy Birthday to my papa !


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring... Finally.


My website is now online ! Check it out !

***Back to normal post***

Things are starting to grow ! I see some green leave making their way out of the soil, and these will be tulips very soon =) See by yourself !

This smells like spring to me ! I went outside this afternoon, and the sun was very warm... That made a change from the long winter we had. I really enjoyed breathing fresh air. I even went past someone mowing his lawn. Fresh cut grass scent = Goodness.

Here's what I did yesterday, since I couldn't really type due to some killing pain in my arm... I went shopping with my sister, and got two pairs of skinny jeans. Yes, I thought I'd never be able to fit in those, and I was so surprised by how they looked on me ! I had a 40$ gift card for that shop, so I ended up buying two pairs for 5$ =P
I also got those nice leopard shoes...

They look TERRIFIC with my skinny pants ! I look like I'm right out of the eighties <3 I also got dog tags. Anyone remember Aldo's campaign for AIDS awareness with different artists ? I got the one that says "Speak" !

Well, that was my blog lovin's for today =)

Enjoy the nice weather everyone !

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still Alive...

I'm just taking the time to say that I got my shot this morning, and everything went well. Only thing is that my arm is aching, and I'm on pain killers and ice, so typing is kinda hard for me at the moment. I'll be abck with more updates tomorrow, because for now, I've got little viruses being fought in my deltoids, and they HURT ME.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Excitement !

We are *finally* able to go out without a winter coat. That's just awesome ! That mean I'll be able to take my light tent outside more often. (Yippee !) That also means that the snow is melting, which is even nicer, since I was a bit scared for my wedding. It is on May 17th, but we never know with more than 4 ft of snow to melt hehe. I don't really want to walk in the mud with my white dress and my satin shoes either, so let's cross our fingers for some very warm and dry weather for the next weeks.

I'm getting my hepatitis A shot tomorrow morning, that's going to cost =/ But I have to go get it, since I need it to travel to Mexico. They also recommended the tetanus shot, but I'm due in 2 years only. (Glad I don't have to get both shots, my arms will be DEAD) What I'm not looking forward to is not the shot itself, but the arm ache that I'll have for the next 3-4 days. I also tend to have a lot of fever when I'm sick, and I'm kinda scared to have some with the vaccine.

Anyway, off to work I am =)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Lovely Earrings and Gorgeous Pendant

I'm happy I had some inspiration today ! I could finally use the nice fused glass beads I got from TheCraftyKind a couple of months ago. I really like how the earrings I made out of them turned out. The first pair I made was with deep chartreuse glass beads with a cranberry/orange dichroic band on top. I had trouble taking shots of this one, since the chartreuse tint is so deep that it appears to be almost black on the picture. But I do love how the dichroic band looks, as it really does justice to the real colors. I also noticed that pictures are so much nicer when I bring my light tent outside !

I had fun taking pictures too, since it was warm and sunny. Was about time spring would show up, honestly, because we still have snow, and I don't think I can live with it for a big while =P

The second pair of earring I made with the fused glass beads are lime green and royal blue. They are gorgeous and I love them ! I also love how the colors cam out on the picture, as both the green glass base and the dichroic band are showing the real colors. I also took this picture outside, and the only thing I had to edit was the auto-contrast feature, since when you import pictures to your computer, they always appear darker and obviously need editing.

I listed both pairs on two different shops, the chartreuse pair on Etsy, and the lime green pair on I'll see how it goes ! I'm now making another pair from the third bead set I bought. I'll list the one I'm making right now On Winkelf or, since I already got a lot of stuff on Etsy.

Also, I finished to upload my website's content tonight ! (Hooray !) I only need to buy that domain name tomorrow, and we'll be all set =) The only thing I'll need is to look for affiliates, to get more visibility, and I'll also keep on updating, so people see what's going on with the little crafty freak that I am !

Oh, and Look what I bought today =D One of Karen's Tree of Life pendant ! It is gorgeous =) I won't do anything with it, since I want to keep it for myself. I know she's been sick for a couple days now, with the whole hospital thing, and I don't mind waiting to get it ! I just didn't want anyone else to buy it... hihihi.

I don't know if it's the last one, but I know there was a limited amount of these pendants made, and I didn't really want to miss on it. My next purchase will be a vintage silver spoon bracelet for sure, they look to nice not to buy them... For nice glass pendants, visit !

Oh and Karen, I wish you get better as soon as possible, big hugs to you and your family !

I think that's all for today =)


Sunday, April 13, 2008

April's updates

I recently sent an email to the manager of a sanctuary's souvenir boutique, asking if they were accepting consignment at the moment, and asking what I needed to do in order to be able to consign there. (That would be for my rosaries and rosary bracelets...) I got a response, and they are interested in supporting local artists, so I will take an appointment as soon as I have more stuff to show !

I'm very excited, but scared at the same time. I do not have any money to buy supplies, my credit cards are loaded to the top because of the wedding. I'm scared to miss out on opportunities, if I don't buy those supplies right now.

Also, my boyfriend is working on my wordpress website/blog, we are building a photo gallery and linking the pictures to my Etsy listings. That will look awesome. I took a premade theme, gave appropriate credit to the maker, and edited it to fit my colors. Up to now, it looks gorgeous. When I'm done with that, I will probably post a link here, so you guys can take a peek =)

Anyway ! I need to get back to work, the layout part is done, I just need to add more content.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

La Giraffe

La Giraffe is a shop that my sister and I opened on Etsy, to be able to sell our cards. We are sharing the ownership, and dividing profits according to our sales. I am looking forward to make more cards in the following months !

Take a peek =)

I also updated my Etsy store ! I don't really like the vintage listings interfering with the jewelry, but I'm not going to open another shop just for the sake of selling 3-4 vinyl records, that wouldn't be worth it.

I will be back alter, to update some more.