Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sooo lazy.

I have been such a slacker lately ! I haven't even touched a single website yesterday. Since the weather was so nice, I decided to work on my consignment order again, and go out for some shopping !

So here's what I did yesterday ; First, I woke up around 9AM, because birds were singing and my room wasn't even dark anymore... So there. I got up and moved all my stuff to the kitchen table, so I could enjoy the sun and the spring breeze filtering through our sliding door. I crafted there almost all day, and the only time I went out was to buy new supplies.

I got some nice shell beads, as well as som cool new silver foiled beads. Form these supplies, I came up with totally new designs the I will probably photograph tomorrow. They're already mounted on earring cards, so I will take the pictures when everything is done, to show you what my consignment order will consist of !

By the way, we got an awesome response to my "Christianity meets Handmade" chronicles on I can't wait to write more articles to make people discover those great Christian crafters =)

That's all for today, I'll post some colorful pics tomorrow, that'll bring some joy to my blog !


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