Thursday, April 24, 2008

Slowly getting done with this order.

I have 36 items done on a total of 50 items, for the consignment order. I am slowly getting there, and I'm getting really excited over all this. I'm still waiting for stuff to come over the mail, but I have more than half of the articles ready.

I have 9 sterling silver wire wrapped rings. I tag them separately and then put them in little ziploc bags to avoid tarnishing. I really like all these bright colors on the picture ! Makes me think of candy or something...

I'm still wondering how much I will sell these for. I have to consider the commission and the shipping as well. I do not have to use my own display, since the boutique's owner provides them free of charge. (Which is great !)

I also took a few pictures of the new design I came up with yesterday. I also made new earring cards. At the back, I have printed where it is made, and for whom it is made. The front simply a signature. I signed Enid on EVERY single card, and I like the look so far =)

I like this new design, I never really worked with shell and the mix with foiled glass is awesome. I also got bright fushia shyell beads that are similar to the ones on the picture. I matched them with bright blue foiled glass and it looks very nice too.

When I get more time, and when I buy some more, I will make the same design 2-3 times and list it in my Etsy and my stores, to see what the demand is. It probably will be a success this summer, because the colors are awesome, and I could see myself wearing these at the beach =)

I also made a couple of dichroic glass earrings. I have 4 pairs so far, and need to have 6 more pairs, to send out with the first order. Here's how they look with the earring cards...
Sorry if the light is reflecting on the bag a little, but they were already wrapped for shipping, and I didn't really want to take them out of the bags and put them back in after.

Finally, I made 6 pairs of sterling silver earrings... These are made with stones, shell and pearls. They're on the same earring cards as the previous shell earrings, and it looks great ! I want to have more professional-looking earrings cards, but for now, I like the plain look of these.

Today was a great day, I think it was at lest 25°C outside today. I even got my first sunburn of the season ! (That's bad =/) Flowers are starting to bloom, I even took pictures.
Isn't it gorgeous ? We're starting to see some color ! I used to be scared that we still have snow for the wedding or something... No, really, I was scared.

Hmmm. I shall get back to work now... And my sunburn itches.

I should keep my hands busy so I don't start scratching my red shoulders.



Victoria said...

My goodness, I really admire all that you have created! Very lovely!

Always Amy said...

Beautiful pieces! :)