Sunday, September 21, 2008


On May 30th, 2009, I plan on going to Mexico with my husband and my parents. I need to save REAL bad. And I think I'll just get a ticker and monitor my savings here. So you can see how bad I am at saving.

Will put it at the bottom of this blog. Yeah.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stalling cars and cereal bowls ! What will be next ?!

Yesterday was a day full of adventures, I tell you. I left work with a friend, since her boyfriend came to pick us up. We all noticed there was something weird with the car... I KNEW it was a transmission issue, just the way the car changed gears. But I didn't worry that much, as my parents used to have a car with that sort of problem and it was just a gears problem... I mean nothing that would make you car STALL.

Anyway, was get near Mont-Royal street in Montreal (A busy one, of course, that couldn't happen in the middle of nowhere !) and then the car just... Stops moving. Anthony pressed on the accelerator, and the car wouldn't move. Wow. So then I recommend starting up the car over again. It didn't work. (Yay !) So I call my dad. I was short on ideas =P

Dad asks me the most basic questions and finally, I end up checking on transmission fluid... Well. Lack of transmission fluid. THING WAS LEAKING ! There was a LAKE of fluid on the ground. We had a bottle of it in the trunk, so we used it and could make it to a nearby garage, where we bought more. But it was leaking more and mroe and moooooore ! So we ended up parking on a boulevard and my friend had somebody pick them up at my place.

I was sooo tired that I ended up eating a bowl a cereals for dinner. How fantastic. I'm the greatest of cooks. Rice krispies with milk !

Monday, September 15, 2008

Save the Boobies !

Our team for the CIBC Run for the Cure is named Save the Boobies ! and now has its own website and domain. We have a blog (In both French and English) where we're going to document our progress, talk about upcoming events and give information about breast cancer. The hosting is a gift from my own business, Enid's jewelry. The domain name is my personal contribution.

We are situated at and do not hesitate to pay us a visit =)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Party Pictures !

I have pictures of my table and the munchies. That's not much, but I am waiting on the other pictures from another friend.

Here's my table ! Not a lot of stuff, considering there was only 7 people coming. We made the invitations a bit too last minute, and since this is back-to-school for a lot of people, it was harder to get them to come. I sold a lot of bigger sets, and I am very happy. Bigger sets, bigger prices, bigger donations.

The red tablecloth had an amazing effect ! At first, I wanted black, but red did such a nice effect, I didn't bother getting a black one. Next time, I will be bringing more displays, I also plan on buying a real revolving earrings display, because there were so many earrings it became complicated to put them all on those frosted glasses. I would also need 2 more busts and 4 more bracelet displays ! It was not bad for a first time, and I am very proud of how my table looks =)

Since this was a cocktail night, we had munchies, cocktails and punches ! See the carved glass punch bowl ? That's mine. I never thought I would use it =P I will keep it for other cocktail nights to come... The Hawaiian punch was excellent and the peach/white cranberry sangria was awesome as well. I will soon post the recipes here =)

We had mini pizzas, stuffed phyllo dough bites and mini pastries to offer. The atmosphere was friendly and people enjoyed the fact that there was first, no pressure to buy, and second, that they could sip a drink while browsing beautiful jewelry. This is a winning formula, that can work for summer and winter alike. Just change the cocktails served and the bites. Melon and prosciutto would be awesome for summer, along with a cup of rose wine or hawaiian punch !

I absolutely loved the experience ! I am already preparing for November.

Home Party Outcome...

Quick summary, since I plan on writing another post with pictures later today.

I didn't have a lot of items, since we only had 7 people coming. (Seems like jewelry home parties don't have much success in this part of the country. I know it is very popular in other parts of *english* Canada, but not in the *french* parts.)

It was really cool, thought ! We will hold another cocktail/jewelry night nearer to Christmas and make more items that can be given as gifts. We had very good suggestions from my friend's mom, who really wants to get some wine cup markers, or even beer bottle markers. This is to remember.

We sold for 150$, which is good for the small amount of people there. To my surprise, more bigger pieces sold than 5$ and 8$ earrings. Lampwork bracelets, crystal rings and necklace sets sold very well.

I can pat myself on the shoulder and tell myself I did well.