Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stalling cars and cereal bowls ! What will be next ?!

Yesterday was a day full of adventures, I tell you. I left work with a friend, since her boyfriend came to pick us up. We all noticed there was something weird with the car... I KNEW it was a transmission issue, just the way the car changed gears. But I didn't worry that much, as my parents used to have a car with that sort of problem and it was just a gears problem... I mean nothing that would make you car STALL.

Anyway, was get near Mont-Royal street in Montreal (A busy one, of course, that couldn't happen in the middle of nowhere !) and then the car just... Stops moving. Anthony pressed on the accelerator, and the car wouldn't move. Wow. So then I recommend starting up the car over again. It didn't work. (Yay !) So I call my dad. I was short on ideas =P

Dad asks me the most basic questions and finally, I end up checking on transmission fluid... Well. Lack of transmission fluid. THING WAS LEAKING ! There was a LAKE of fluid on the ground. We had a bottle of it in the trunk, so we used it and could make it to a nearby garage, where we bought more. But it was leaking more and mroe and moooooore ! So we ended up parking on a boulevard and my friend had somebody pick them up at my place.

I was sooo tired that I ended up eating a bowl a cereals for dinner. How fantastic. I'm the greatest of cooks. Rice krispies with milk !

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