Friday, June 22, 2007

Featured Seller - Soaps for Hope

In the SOAP category, I named Showertreatsoap !

About a month ago, I found out about her shop, and about the charity Women for Women International. In fact, she gives 5% of her monthly profits, and 1$ on every soap in her "Soaps for Hope" store section to help women facing different challenges in other parts of the world. She first heard about this program while watching an Oprah show about 3 years ago. The women she's helping right now with our support are in Rwanda and Bosnia, and are living a quite harder life than we do here.

At first, I just wanted a soap, and then, I wanted to help. I decided to buy one "Soap for Hope", to make a donation, and to see if I liked the product before ordering more. I received my package really fast, even with USPS current problems. I could smell the zesty fragrance through the enveloppe before opening it ! The soap was very nice looking, ivory colored with pink swirls, nicely cut.

I tried it the next morning, and let me tell you, these soaps rock ! Rich lather, wonderful smell (I took the "Energy" fragrance, a zesty and fresh citrus blend) and it's all natural. After 3 weeks of use, I noticed a change in my skin. My legs are no longer dry and itchy, and my skin is softer than ever ! I would recommend this soap for everyone, this is truly a blessing for your skin.

I'll be buying more of this stuff, at least once a month. I want to contribute regularly to her Women for Women International fund raising, and I want more nice soap to try !

Showertreatsoap also makes natural shampoo and laundry soap, for all the people that hate using commercial products that are bad for the septic systems and the environment.

Featured Seller - Skin lotions and butters

This week's featured seller is Bradli , who sells awesome beauty products. I bought some of her "Winter Skin Be Gone" butter bars and "Kiss 'em Kans" lip balms last Christmas, as stocking stuffers or little treats for myself.

I was really happy with what I received, and was very surprised of the quality of the product. Everything was very well presented, and well wrapped. A thank you note was included, and mostly, the scent that came out of the enveloppe was... mouthwatering ! I kept some of these goodies for myself, but of course, gave the rest as gifts.

My appreciation of the products, after trying them :

"Kiss 'em Kans" Vegan Lip balm - Very good smell and taste =P Made with cocoa, shea and mango butters, as well as almond oil and vitamin E. A bit hard to pick in the can at first, but melts rapidly with the warmth of your fingers. The texture is silky, a bit oily (not too much !) and spreads well on the lips. I usually have very dry lips during winter, and sometimes have trouble opening my mouth without screaming "ouch!", and the lip balm totally solved my problem.

"Winter Skin Be Gone" vegan Butter Bar - Made with cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter with fragrance, this rich butter bar is ready to soften any rough skin. Cocoa butter has been used to soften and moisturize the skin for centuries and is also used by women to treat and prevent strech marks. Shea butter revitalizes the skin without clogging pores, and mango butter has natural emollient properties, high oxidative ability, wound healing, and regenerative activity due to its high unsaponiable. It has a protective effect against UV radiation. These ingredients make this product a high efficiency skin softener and moisturizer, with a very yummy smell. I personnally recommend the "Chocolate truffle" scent, which is truly the best one in my mind.
I really recommend this seller for her awesome customer service and high quality products. She seems to put a lot of heart in what she's doing, and I strongly value that.
I wish you a lot of sales, Bradli !

Pricing matters...

I just discovered the formula I should use for my work, thanks to my sales courses. I also realized the yes, I was underpricing myself, but not just a bit ! I was WAY underpricing myself. Something I used to sell for 50 $ should be sold at 90 $ !!!

I now have to make a price adjustment on all my listings on Etsy. The problem is that whoever looks in my sold items will see that I used to charge a lot less for the same item in the past. This is a bit odd, no ? As a buyer, I'd suspect something to be seriously wrong with these items for them to be priced 40 $ higher than 2 months before.

Oh, and from now, I'll try featuring some fellow sellers on my blog, make sure to check em out =)

Friday, June 1, 2007

I changed my Etsy Icon

I was bored of my really dark photo, so I chose one with my boyfriend (l337Designz) and I. I don't know it I should put a picture of one of my pieces instead of this one :

I'll probably make a test in the following weeks, to see if the sales are affected or not. I'll keep this photo for my blog profile as well. What is your opinion about avatars ? Product or person ?