Thursday, May 31, 2007

He got addicted too xD

My boyfriend, a web designer, was looking for a way to offer his services on the web other than on a normal website. (He has a regular job that pays well, in an office, but he was looking for a bit more) I told him that he could do that sort of thing on Etsy and that he should take a look at this option.

My surprise was that before, he was the first to complain about my addiction to Etsy, and now, he's the first to complain when I want the computer chair ! He spends days making layouts and setting up promotion strategies. I hope everything goes well and that he starts selling soon. We have a wedding coming, and that would be great to have a bit more money.

If anyone needs a custom 7pages website (for more pages, please alow more budget) or a premade layout with 7pages to add, click on the following link !

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How could this happen...

My boyfriend took his flight back home yesterday, from Montreal's airport. He was supposed to arrive in London around 9AM GMT and depart at 10:55AM to go to Manchester.. They forgot him in London. Since he's in a wheelchair, he could only look at the screen and see his flight depart without being able to do anything.

This isn't British Airways' fault, but the airport's staff's, and BA strongly suggested to make a complaint.

Don't worry, they'll hear about it.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Ripped off package...

This didn't arrive to destination. The package got ripped off, and the item was missing. It's the first time this happens to me, and I must admit that I'm quite mad. Even if the package was insured, if it happened on the american side, it wouldn't be covered. (Insurance is only good on your side of the border, so in my case, only within Canada)

I have no idea how to prevent this, because I see that a lot of packages got missing recently. I lost my receipt, so I don't know if I can still fill a complaint... And if I can, I don't even know if I need a proof that the package really arrived in bad condition. It totally pisses me off.

I'll do another bracelet for that person. She was really sad not to receive it, and I really want her to have it. It's a personal thing for me... Paying for something and not getting it. It's frustrating. (Well what's worse is paying for something and the person not sending the package... At least I sent it in time.)

I guess it's going to be a double custom order.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another course to do...

This has nothing to do with jewelry, but I have to write about it. We had a class about sun destinations like Madagascar and the Seychelles, but randomly the teacher started talking about tour accompanying and tour guiding. I just learned that we had a special training for that, during the month of August. The cost is 350 $CA for students at the College, lasts 2 week ends, and includes a day in Ottawa, as part as a pratical training.

I'm seriously thinking about signing up for that course. I need money, and this is something I could do right now, while I'm still young. you're free to take job offers or leave them, since it works like journalism or graphic design jobs. You get picked, busy or not, you choose to go or not. This is kind of nice. I need to save money for next year, and this is going to be now or never.

I just got to convince my mum. Owww...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Starting to Upload New Pictures.

I started using my homemade light tent, and had a little trouble using it at the beginning. My photos are starting to become better, and even if I have to edit my photos, that looks a lot better than what I used to have in my shop.

Here are a couple of examples ;

These Kid's bracelets used to look horrible on a wooden surface, under a halogen lamp. I tried the white background, but I couldn't balance the whites correctly with my camera, and it was even worse when it came to editing. I had some scrapbooking paper left, so I decided to use it, to have less whites to deal with... AND I LIKE IT ! Doesn't look too heavy, since I used a neutral gray here.

I sold two of them, the blue one is still for sale. I might list some more, since I have another blue bracelet, and other colors would be available.

I also had trouble photographing necklaces, since my light tent is too small to contain my leather busts on which I usually show my necklaces. I finally decided not to use the bust, and be able to show better quality pictures. It is still a bit gray-ish but I'm still satisfied of the result. (See picture on the left)

I might buy a smaller white leather bust, to be able to show how the necklace looks on "someone", or just buy a normal light tent that looks less shaky than the one I have and in which I can photograph necklaces on the bust I already have... That's an option ! (Or an advanced Christmas Prezzie !)

I also changed the way I photograph my lampwork bracelets on a wooden surface, with no bracelet support. They looked flat and boring. The colors would not stand out and they would appear really washed. I tried putting them on a bracelet display, in a light tent. I kept the white background, but put the light source farther from the box. (Yeah, a friend of mine, who's a professionnal photographer, told me that the farther your light gets from your subject, the less you're going to end up with big gray shadows on the edge of your picture. Try it it works =P Makes editing much more easier !) And WOW ! Look at the result O_O I also photographed it on a flat white surface, and my listing got 3 pictures in it.

I'm not done replacing pictures in my shop, since it is very time-consuming. My objective is to finish this task before I finish school (July 6th) so I can have a break during my vacation in the UK.

If anyone has great tips about photographying jewelry, please let me know ! I'm dieing to learn.

I guess I'm not the only one =P

I was reading News of McCall, when I noticed that she was also following a diet. The whole exercising and eating well deal, eh ? I started that 2 weeks ago, and I can't say that I'm successful xD She made me laugh when she said (and I quote ) "Prior to this, my diet was all about carbohydrates and sugar. The rule was- not any vegetable can pass my lips unless it is wrapped in cheese sauce. The other rule was- no fruit unless it is smothered in lots of sugar and/or chocolate. Plain strawberries...ughh..... Strawberries dipped in chocolate, YUMMM!" Because, well, that's totally me ! No sugar, no sauce, no chocolate ? Not eating it. Now, I do. Trying not to eat grapefruit with sugar, trying not to add sugar to my cereals, trying to eat less sauce... And I'm also always hungry ;_;

Good luck to you Sandra, I hope we can hold as long as we can with this diet xD

Thursday, May 17, 2007

That's very serious.

I've been reading a lot about scam on Etsy, and heard a lot about it from my friends, who got fake Paypal and Bank emails... I think there's more and more of it, these days, and I'm kinda scared people get caught... My dad is not really aware of that kind of thing (Phishing emails) and I don't think my sister is either...
Enthral, another Etsy seller, had an interesting entry about it in her blog and I'd like everybody to look at it.

As she said, we have already seen that kind of emails, but not everyone is like us. (Anyone received a fake wholesale request these days ? I did.)We should not expect people to detect it as a scam right away, some of them are not even aware of that kind of fraud ! Be careful, and don't hesitate to report any fake bank, Paypal, Ebay, Etsy, etc. emails. Don't respond to any request to handle large amounts of money, and mostly, be carfeul on dating sites. You never know who's behind the computer screen !