Thursday, May 31, 2007

He got addicted too xD

My boyfriend, a web designer, was looking for a way to offer his services on the web other than on a normal website. (He has a regular job that pays well, in an office, but he was looking for a bit more) I told him that he could do that sort of thing on Etsy and that he should take a look at this option.

My surprise was that before, he was the first to complain about my addiction to Etsy, and now, he's the first to complain when I want the computer chair ! He spends days making layouts and setting up promotion strategies. I hope everything goes well and that he starts selling soon. We have a wedding coming, and that would be great to have a bit more money.

If anyone needs a custom 7pages website (for more pages, please alow more budget) or a premade layout with 7pages to add, click on the following link !

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