Sunday, May 11, 2008

On Vacation !

Yes yes, I'll be on vacation until May 30th ! I closed both my Etsy and my shop temporarily, but I will be back with new items very soon.

I will have access to my emails and Etsy convos, so if need be, contact me and I will answer =)

See you soon !


Friday, May 9, 2008

Etsy Discoveries

I made a lot of Etsy discoveries while shopping for wedding accessories. One of the best shops I found is and this is where I got my wedding jewelry. Laurie, the owner, makes awesome higher end pieces that will last you a lifetime. Everything she makes is well handcrafted and looks gorgeous. I like the color mixes she can come up with ! She plays with gemstones and color matches like I've never seen someone do so...

Her prices range from approx. 40$ to 200$ and even 300$, depending on what you're looking for.

Here's a bit of what she can do. If you like the style but can't find what you're looking for exactly, be assured that she will be more than happy to work on something custom with you. She's a lovely person to deal with, and you will enjoy working with her on your order ! I even caught myself making another purchase from her shop just today, from her Urban Luxe collection.

Happy shopping =)


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

11 days !

It's 11 days until the wedding, and I am now getting excited !

"WHAT ?! YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED ?!" you say ? Yes I am !

I already got all my stuff, all I need is to go pick the dress sometime this week, and pay for the limo when my boyfriend arrives from the UK. I'm not stressed at all, and the planning is going good so far.

There are a lot of articles on Etsy regarding handmade weddings, and I never read them. It's was obvious that I'd try to buy as much as possible from Etsy sellers for this occasion. I even set up gift baskets to win at the reception, for people who participate in different contests during the reception. (Yes, I'm not telling what kind of contest, but that's going to be hilarious) These baskets are filled with sample-sized and sometimes full sized items made by fellow Etsyians, along with their credit card (EDIT : I meant business CARD !) and shop information, in case the winner gets addicted to what's in the basket !

Anyway, that's about what I've got to say today =) I'll come back with more updates later !