Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Party Outcome...

Quick summary, since I plan on writing another post with pictures later today.

I didn't have a lot of items, since we only had 7 people coming. (Seems like jewelry home parties don't have much success in this part of the country. I know it is very popular in other parts of *english* Canada, but not in the *french* parts.)

It was really cool, thought ! We will hold another cocktail/jewelry night nearer to Christmas and make more items that can be given as gifts. We had very good suggestions from my friend's mom, who really wants to get some wine cup markers, or even beer bottle markers. This is to remember.

We sold for 150$, which is good for the small amount of people there. To my surprise, more bigger pieces sold than 5$ and 8$ earrings. Lampwork bracelets, crystal rings and necklace sets sold very well.

I can pat myself on the shoulder and tell myself I did well.


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