Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Home Party !

Yes, you read correctly ! I'm setting up my first home party ever on September 13th. I am soooo excited, I don't know where to start. I'm setting it up for our fund raising for the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation, so pink will be the theme color. Of course, I'll have other colors on display, because not all girls will wear pink =P
Lollipop party invitations package, from piggytailsstationary shown in the picture above. Perfect for the little girl in you !

I have to be really creative and find some great ways to display the inventory. I also wonder how much inventory should I bring... I don't want to bring so much stuff (so people don't know where to look !) or not bring enough stuff (And sell out too quick).

I also found how it would be presented, and I'm pretty proud of myself ! It will start at 7h30PM, as a cocktail-themed night. I will wear a dress and heels, so will my mom sister and friend (host). Sangria and punch will be available, as well as little canap├ęs for snack. I plan on ending it aounrd 10PM, and I asked that people confirm their presence 2 days before, just as an indicator on how much alcohol and food we need to buy.

I really hope this will be a success ! In the meantime, I'll work on my displays and post pictures of them. If anybody has advice to give for a first home show, go ahead ! I'd appreciate =)


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cafegirl71 said...

Good luck on your home sounds like a lot of fun.