Wednesday, August 27, 2008

FOOD ! Yes, again.

I know, I only talk about food recently. But I've been experimenting a lot, and found some neat stuff to share with all of you, my readers. I can't make jewelry yet, we're not done classifying the supplies, but it should be done soon. Patience is a virtue they say.

Schwartz's Montreal Steak Spices

While this is done, I can still talk to you about my favourite steak spices EVER ! We'll start with the ultimate version of the Montreal Steak Spices, the Schwartz version. Schwartz is a delicatessen located on St-Laurent Boulevard, and it is known for the incredible smoked meat sandwiches and pickles offered there. They also sell spices. Awesome steak spices, that my mum and dad bought last year. The taste is incredible, but the price is too. I don't remember the exact price, but it was more expensive than the average spice container found in groceries. But well worth it. Yum !

Club House La Grille's Montreal Steak Spice

There's a cheaper but still good version made by Club House that is called Montreal Steak Spice as well. It is very good, and that's the one I'm using, since I'm too broke to buy Schwartz stuff. Price goes around 4$ canadian in regular groceries. Those spices are awesome on those little medallion steaks... Sprinkle spices on both sides, and cook until meat is rare. It's awesome, I tell you.

I used to hate spices on steak, but now I can't do without. Brings so much more flavor !

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