Monday, April 21, 2008

Rad !

I discovered a lot of Christian artist on Etsy, and joined the CAST team ! (Christian Artists Street Team) I really think that it is the team for me, and that I will love it =)

I started contribution to my boyfriend's blog. (Christianity themed blog) I will introduce, from week to week, a seller who is part of CAST or not. My articles are under a section called "Christianity Meets Handmade" Take a peek !

Phil'z Corner is where you can find my weekly articles !

I have also been very busy for the past days, as I just signed a consignment agreement with Boutique Mixi, in Quebec City. I've been making more of these dichroic glass earrings. Look how these are gorgeous ! Absolutely love the new color mix.

Doesn't it look rich and sophisticated ? I really like the bright ones, but these look chic chic chic !

I have to deliver 50 items of all sorts before May 1rst. I had to order materials yesterday, and I`ll keep my fingers crossed to have them fast... I already have 4 pairs of earrings made for this order, as well as 3 sterling silver wirewrapped rings. I just need... 43 other items =/

I should stop blogging and get to work. Yes ?



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