Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring... Finally.


My website is now online ! Check it out !

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Things are starting to grow ! I see some green leave making their way out of the soil, and these will be tulips very soon =) See by yourself !

This smells like spring to me ! I went outside this afternoon, and the sun was very warm... That made a change from the long winter we had. I really enjoyed breathing fresh air. I even went past someone mowing his lawn. Fresh cut grass scent = Goodness.

Here's what I did yesterday, since I couldn't really type due to some killing pain in my arm... I went shopping with my sister, and got two pairs of skinny jeans. Yes, I thought I'd never be able to fit in those, and I was so surprised by how they looked on me ! I had a 40$ gift card for that shop, so I ended up buying two pairs for 5$ =P
I also got those nice leopard shoes...

They look TERRIFIC with my skinny pants ! I look like I'm right out of the eighties <3 I also got dog tags. Anyone remember Aldo's campaign for AIDS awareness with different artists ? I got the one that says "Speak" !

Well, that was my blog lovin's for today =)

Enjoy the nice weather everyone !