Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Excitement !

We are *finally* able to go out without a winter coat. That's just awesome ! That mean I'll be able to take my light tent outside more often. (Yippee !) That also means that the snow is melting, which is even nicer, since I was a bit scared for my wedding. It is on May 17th, but we never know with more than 4 ft of snow to melt hehe. I don't really want to walk in the mud with my white dress and my satin shoes either, so let's cross our fingers for some very warm and dry weather for the next weeks.

I'm getting my hepatitis A shot tomorrow morning, that's going to cost =/ But I have to go get it, since I need it to travel to Mexico. They also recommended the tetanus shot, but I'm due in 2 years only. (Glad I don't have to get both shots, my arms will be DEAD) What I'm not looking forward to is not the shot itself, but the arm ache that I'll have for the next 3-4 days. I also tend to have a lot of fever when I'm sick, and I'm kinda scared to have some with the vaccine.

Anyway, off to work I am =)

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AlwaysAmy said...

Just wanted you to know that I found your page on a blog link exchange post in the forums. I've added your link to my page & if you could do the same that would be lovely! Thanks!