Monday, April 14, 2008

Lovely Earrings and Gorgeous Pendant

I'm happy I had some inspiration today ! I could finally use the nice fused glass beads I got from TheCraftyKind a couple of months ago. I really like how the earrings I made out of them turned out. The first pair I made was with deep chartreuse glass beads with a cranberry/orange dichroic band on top. I had trouble taking shots of this one, since the chartreuse tint is so deep that it appears to be almost black on the picture. But I do love how the dichroic band looks, as it really does justice to the real colors. I also noticed that pictures are so much nicer when I bring my light tent outside !

I had fun taking pictures too, since it was warm and sunny. Was about time spring would show up, honestly, because we still have snow, and I don't think I can live with it for a big while =P

The second pair of earring I made with the fused glass beads are lime green and royal blue. They are gorgeous and I love them ! I also love how the colors cam out on the picture, as both the green glass base and the dichroic band are showing the real colors. I also took this picture outside, and the only thing I had to edit was the auto-contrast feature, since when you import pictures to your computer, they always appear darker and obviously need editing.

I listed both pairs on two different shops, the chartreuse pair on Etsy, and the lime green pair on I'll see how it goes ! I'm now making another pair from the third bead set I bought. I'll list the one I'm making right now On Winkelf or, since I already got a lot of stuff on Etsy.

Also, I finished to upload my website's content tonight ! (Hooray !) I only need to buy that domain name tomorrow, and we'll be all set =) The only thing I'll need is to look for affiliates, to get more visibility, and I'll also keep on updating, so people see what's going on with the little crafty freak that I am !

Oh, and Look what I bought today =D One of Karen's Tree of Life pendant ! It is gorgeous =) I won't do anything with it, since I want to keep it for myself. I know she's been sick for a couple days now, with the whole hospital thing, and I don't mind waiting to get it ! I just didn't want anyone else to buy it... hihihi.

I don't know if it's the last one, but I know there was a limited amount of these pendants made, and I didn't really want to miss on it. My next purchase will be a vintage silver spoon bracelet for sure, they look to nice not to buy them... For nice glass pendants, visit !

Oh and Karen, I wish you get better as soon as possible, big hugs to you and your family !

I think that's all for today =)


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UniqueNurseGranny said...

Lovely earrings.Like the style and color.The pendant is wonderful,hope you enjoy it.