Sunday, September 6, 2009

Welcoming Two New Family Members ♥

I finally convinced my husband to get two mice. After weeks of hard work, he finally said yes ! (To one condition. If I have one, he's gotta have one too...) So after I went out with my parents, I stopped at the Safari Pet Center at the shopping center where my sister works, and got a cage bargain. So I said to myself, I could buy the cage and wait ! WRONG ! I went to see their fancy mice, and to my surprise, they looked healthy and they had a good variety of markings and colors.

I decided I'd take a black one for my husband, and a degu one for myself. They are both females and get along pretty well ! They don't make as much noise as I thought during the night either, but what surprised me, is that as opposed to hamsters, mice squeek. A LOT ! This made me have a cuteness overdose last night, I swear !

So here are pictures of my two little babies ! They're super tiny for now, but they will grow bigger that's for sure...

I can hold both of them in my hand, and I was also surpised of how soft their tail really is... I think I now prefer mice to hamsters ! I've had hamsters for years when I was young, I liked them a lot, but mice are funnier to watch. They're tiny and quick on their toes.

Now here's another picture, and this is Her Majesty herself, exploring the palm of my hand.

I like her color a lot. Makes her look like a wild mouse, a bit. I don't like albino mice, they look creepy with their red eyes... Ugh a bit like lab mice or something.

Anyway, apart from getting mice yesterday, I had a pretty good food day as well. Horrible choices, but full of NSVs !!! Not feeling guilty about food choices is one... The other is enjoying fast food in moderated quantities. Instead of eating a whole smoked meat sandwich, I had half of it with maybe 10 chips, and I had enough. I realised that it was a right quantity for me, and I didn't enjoy it less because of the portion size. That's pretty good :)

Today's program will be :

- Laundry
- Picking up
- Cooking
- Making a YouTube Video

I'll post later !

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