Friday, September 11, 2009

Apple Picking - Yum !

Apple Picking - Yum !, originally uploaded by brindegazon.

So last week, I went apple picking with my parents. It was a very nice day and I got to get out of the house. That felt great ! We picked two different variety of apples, Lobo and PaulaRed. I still don't know what I'm going to do with my 20 apples, but one thing is certain, tonight, I'm having a baked apple with (fake) brown sugar and cinnamon. That's going to be my treat for today. I will also make applesauce with the PaulaRed apples and ass Splenda and cinnamon to it to have a nice low point snack to bring to work.

I woke up this morning to a very tired and lethargic mouse. She has been a pain all night and has trouble staying up in the morning. I thought that something was wrong, because when I grabbed her, she didn't try to hide or escape, she just let me grab her as if she was too weak to do anything. I showed Phil, and all he said is that she was fine, just tired. After a while, she got back to normal. I still checked everything, no broken bones, normal feces and normal urine, she eats, she drinks, she has no trouble breathing. My mouse is healthy. PHEW ! I've had it for a week, and I still would be sad if she had something, I like her loads ! She's funny to watch.

I am looking into cooking some curry, but most recipes I find are loaded with fat... I should look on WW's website, in order to find something that could be a nice equivalent without the fat, of course. My husband has been asking for curry for the past month, I need to cook something he likes once in a while.

I have been thinking about taking Zumba classes, but I'm not sure. It's not something that I can financially afford, so I would have to ask my mother if she could help me pay it. I would like to move more, be more active, because it gives me more energy to go through my days ! Also, I found I sleep well when I exercise every day.

Today is Weigh-In day, and I am down 2 lbs ! I got my 5% (Again... ahah !) and I'm doing very well. I find it is easier this time, I don't really know why. Maybe because I've done it already ? The first time I did Weight Watchers, I had so much trouble eating only 22-21 points per day it was almost torture. This time, I have no trouble not going over my daily points. Somes days I am done eating and I realise I have like 3-4 points left. I don't know why, probably because my job doesn't stress me as my old job did... But my eating patterns are a lot more normal and life is less of a nightmare. Great.

Oh and I want to thank Sarah for the Lovely Blog Award :) Thanks for thinking of me !!!

I think that's all for today. I'm off to work and will plan next week's meals as well. I'll come back to you on that. I'll post my menu for the week.

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Setup Router Guide said...

Apple picking is SO much fun. However, down here in San Diego, it gets REALLY hot and the flies and bees just adore the scent of the budding apples. Last time I went, I was stung 6 times :( But I am glad your journey worked out better than mine!