Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back from the Dead, Live from the UK

Ahoy people !

I know I haven't posted in a longtime, but I'm just like that. I can blog every day during 4 months, then not show up on your blog roll for 2 other months. I should be more disciplined, I apologise.

A lot of new things happened recently. I took about 2 months off Weight Watchers, just because it was driving me crazy. I need to start again, but I really feel like it's poisoning my life. I can't eat whatever I want in whatever quantity I want, I know it's just common sense, but still. I just felt like a prisoner. I am concentrating on eating healthy foods in reasonable quantities, because that's just common sense. And I know WW is common sense too, but I don't want to feel bound by it. I was 137 pounds when I stopped, I'm now 146, but have been maintaining for 3-4 weeks now. I need to make that last weight loss effort to get to 130, then start that maintenance.

Also, I quit my job at Air Canada Vacations. I was tired of being the "yelled at" person, was tired of not being able to go up the ladder. So I applied to be a project manager at a translation company, where one of my friends works, and yes, I got hired. I am starting on July 2nd, 3 days after I come back to Canada from the UK. (Because yes, I'm in the UK right now.)

So yeah, that's the news. Want to know more about what I have done so far since I'm the other side of the Atlantic ocean ? There will be another post about it shortly =) Got to go now, we're having a BBQ tonight !!!

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misssarahlou said...

Thats great news that you got a new job and that your in the UK right now with your husband.

Hope you are having a great time. I am supposed to be going home next week as a relative is sick in hospital so will be in England from 27th-5th July i think, will be booking the flights this weekend.

Enjoy the rest of your trip - look forward to your details post :o)