Sunday, May 17, 2009

James Bond is not that Bad.

I used to think that my dad’s tastes for movies were odd. James Bond ? Pfft. It’s only gunshots, stunts and women, actually, that’s what I thought until I watched Quantum of Solace. There was a story under the action, and a very good one on top of that !

Quantum raised the question of water availability in third world countries, in that movie, it was Bolivia as an example, but it could be any other country. Cost to get to water, people unable to afford it, monopoly of the water market…

Quantum also talks about government, dictatorships and money in exchange of power over a nation. Revenge, murder, love, name them. They’re all a part of the movie.

It was deeper than only gunshots, even though there was loads of them. I liked it !!!

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Philz said...

It gets boring totaly. Same kinda storyline every movie just set in a new way. Shoots his gun, makes love to a girl, kills the boss, end of movie. Boring.