Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Before and After Pics !

(LEFT) So here's myself, at my heaviest weight, 163.6 lbs. The picture is cut because there was someone else on the picture with me.

Anyway, I signed up for Weight Watchers shortly after. I mean, even my face looks fat on this picture !!! I was really determined to do something about my weight then. I told myself that I wouldn't start Weight Watchers, then drop out, then start again... No, I vowed to keep on doing this until the end, even if I knew this would be hard. I also vowed to maintain my weight after I was done with the loss part.

I know that maintaining your weight is an everyday fight, my mom had to go through this. She lost 35 pounds with Weight Watchers years ago, when my sister was born, and she has been maintaining ever since. Now I understand when she says "no thanks" to some kinds of foods, I understand why she doesn't buy chips often. Those things I didn't quite understand when I was younger with no weight issues. But now, believe me, I do. I now understand why she would insist that we eat our steamed veggies without butter. Now I understand why she would not allow extra-butter (extra fat !) popcorn in the house.

(RIGHT) At approximately 155 pounds. We must admit, I look MUUUCH better. Goodbye fat face already, lost a lot of belly fat just there.

That's really when I started to see a difference. I started to feel lighter, I was then able to run. My knees wouldn't make me suffer when I walked or climbed stairs. I would walk faster, and I would not feel my legs rubbing each other anymore.

I started to like myself then. Because I saw results, and I didn't feel like giving up. Even now, when I struggle, the first thoughts that go through my head are not those of giving up. The throughts that go through my head tell me that I am strong and that I should keep on going.

I want results ? Gotta fight for those, and that's what I'm doing. Liking yourself and seeing results is a BIG plus for the motivation. It is the fuel that keeps you going, it is the drive you need. I just started loosing weight, and the most important part for me was to see the little transformations my body was going through. It felt great, and encouraged me to persevere.

(LEFT) Me at 145 lbs. People that hadn't seen me for a long time were there when this picture was taken, and some of them said they almost didn't recognize me.

Clothes were all starting to be too loose, this was the last time I wore that top.

This is when I had to find money to go shopping. I loved that part. I went to get some trousers that were on sale, knowing that they wouldn't fit anymore 10 lbs later... But the best part was when I was in the fitting room. My grand mother was waiting outside and could hear me yell "OH GOSH I FIT IN A SIZE 9 !!! THIS MEDIUM TOP FITS !!!" That was an awesome day. And I got some neat bargains on everything I bought.

So that's it for the before pictures. Now, we'll look at some pictures of myself I took in the fitting room at SmartSet's today. I went shopping, and decided that I neede to spend on things that I would be able to wear even at my goal weight. For example, I will NEVER be able to wear smaller than a small for dresses. Why ? I have breasts. And I really can't hide them.

So here's what I bought : 1 black t-shirt, 1 white t-shirt, 1 coral top, 1 grey top, 1 black and white scarf, 2 skirts (one black, one grey with a belt) as well as a deep purpleish-blue dress. So here's a picture of me wearing the grey skirt (a size 3 !!!) with the black t-shirt. On this pic, I am 137.8 lbs.

My legs are starting to look much better. But I wish my arms were smaller, but alas, there's not magic trick, you can't always loose where you want to ! I think I'm going to have to accept that my arms look ginormous for my weight ! (Or maybe I should just keep on doing the 30 Day Shred and have nice toned arms.) So now, here's my favorite, the blue dress !!! I really liked it, and I never thought that kind of dress would actually look nice on me.

So hmm. That's it for today. I hope these before and after pics are a bit encouraging for those wondering if they'll ever see results or even get to goal altogether.

I have 10 pounds left to loose. I'm confident, I will get there.


misssarahlou said...

WTG you look great!

Anonymous said...

Hey V! loveeee it! I know I dont like shopping but let me know when you need company, I had fun that day, well sadly next 4 weeks will be nearly impossible.. by the way, love that dress! care if I buy the same? promise won't wear it the same day haha!


Determinedin2009 said...

You look brilliant...well done! Good luck with losing the last 10lbs I'm sure you will get there :)

Jenny said...

I agree you look spectacular! I love the blue dress!

(I don't think your arms look huge, but I do have a clothing tip I have learned over the years... If you wear sleeve that doesn't hug the arm or hits at a smaller part of teh arm your arms will look smaller....I think I got the tip from what not to wear :))