Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Weird, I know.

Gosh, do I love working week-ends. Mostly spring or summer week-ends, because the office is soooo quiet ! I can drink my morning coffee and eat my breakfast without being bothered, plus, I'm sure to finish early, since we're not open in the evening, as opposed to weekdays, on which we're open from 8AM to 9PM. (I despise finishing at 9PM. It's way too late for me.)

So yeah. I'm drinking my second cup of coffee since I arrived, around 7:45. I'm going to wait until 9:30 or 10:00 before eating my breakfast, to give myself the fake impression that I woke up late. All is good. I'm relaxed (Relatively relaxed, if you take in account the three cups of coffee I had this morning.)

Wow, I just realised something. I'm often struggling to stay within my daily points during the week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I ALWAYS binge on these two days only. Monday is fine, Tuesday is fine, but for some odd reason, it's always the middle of the week. I will have to catch the pattern/cause and put an end to it. But finding out that it happens ONLY on those two particular days surprised me a lot ! I mean sometimes people will eat more on week-ends, or people will tend to be less on plan on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but the week-end appears to be easier for me food-wise. I don't know why, but it's fine by me, Weight In is on Monday, so I still have time to "catch up" if I do happen to have an over-eating episode. I don't like saying catching up, but that's how I see it. Some weeks are fine, I won't go over my 35 weekly points, but some are not. Like some people I know from the Weight Watchers forums, I will post my menu for today, to help me stay accountable.

Breakfast (4 pts)
Coffee X3 !

Lunch (8 pts)
Meatballs in tomato juice (Veal and brown rice)
Campbell's tomato soup (This one is a treat, I don't have it often !)
Cucumber with salt and pepper
Non fat yogourt

Snack (1 pt)
Cucumber with salt and pepper
Mini Babybel light

Dinner (7 pts)
Sweet potato
Fresh grapes

I'm also experimenting something. I'm "starving" myself on purpose to learn to feel hunger. (Starving is a big word here !) I eat all I have to eat, but I wait until I am really hungry or start feeling hungry before eating. I am not familiar with the hunger sensation, so that's why I want to get familiar with it. Sometimes I think I'm hungry when I'm not, so I just start eating without thinking, and that's how I get past my 20 daily points before dinner. So this is my hunger experiment. And it's working right now, as my belly is growling so loud my boss can hear it. Ten minutes before 10:00, I can wait =)

Tonight, I will get home, and will have a draw with all the people who commented on the giveaway thread giving suggestions for fund raising events or simply commented and followed my blog. I can't wait to see who the winner is ! Wrapping and packaging the earrings will keep me busy enough so I don't eat everything in sight !

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