Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 18th, National Women's Show

Hi people, here's some updates on what I've been doing this past week-end...

So, on April 18th, I went to the National Women's Shows with my friends Karin, Tina and her sister. I had a BLAST ! Plenty of nice things to see, taste and do ! I couldn't stay for the whole day, since I was supposed to pick my friend April up at her place.

We found some Moût de Pomme bottles for like 3 bucks, they're normally 6$ in grocery stores ! So I got myself two. There's not alcohol, and it's very refreshing ! That's one drink I like in the summer by the pool =P

Also took pictures with Harley motorcycles, RAWR ! There were professionnal photographers taking pictures with a background, but mine ended up being blurry, because I moved my face =( So here's one (Picture at the top of this post) that Karin took of me with another Harley. That'll do the job.

Then after that show, I went to pick April up and we could get prepared for my Mary Kay class, in the afternoon. I had 3 friends coming, and we had loads of fun.

I already have 3 other skincare classes booked for the beginning of May. I will be a very busy person, and will need to stay on plan more than ever.

I'm getting back on the wagon today. Hope it works.

Oh, and bad start : Sour milk in my cereals this morning. Time for some groceries =/