Friday, March 20, 2009


I almost never post. What's happening with moi ? Actually, plenty of things xD

I'm going to the UK in June, that's for sure. Trip is booked and paid for, this is for real ! Even though it's going to be my 3rd time over there, I bet there are tons of things I haven't seen yet that I have to discover this time. We'll see =)

Also, news and updates regarding the breast cancer run, I am able to run the full 5km now. I am so glad ! I just need to reduce my time to 30 minutes and my goal will be reached. I feel like I went beyond myself with all my heart and strenght to help breast cancer victims, and each time I run, I push myself ahrder and harder, because running is so much easier than leading the battle for your own life. There's a meaning to each and every step, and that's what makes it so wonderful.

Change of subject, I'm starting to like action movies even more, I think I'm turning into my husband. That is SO weird ! I changed A LOT in the past few months. Physically (lost 21 pounds up to date, 17 of them left to lose. GO MOI !) and psychologically as well. I think this is for the better. I take care of myself a lot more, buy nicer clothes, I'm totally rebuilding my self-confidence. I love it. Thanks to everyone cheering me up after each weight-in, without you guys, I would probably have given up already. Special thanks to my co-worker Eve. She's going through the same thing as me right now and she's my biggest inspiration right now. We support each other, and that how we make our journey a success.

I'm leaving you on a second Vlog entry posted 2-3 weeks ago on my YouTube. See the change in mood. I love myself now. Finally.

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