Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Treasury !

Team CAC Wonders #3, originally uploaded by brindegazon.

I know, it's been a very long time since I wrote last, but I have been extremely busy with Christmas planning !

I want to start with this treasury I was featured in, by MFcardworks. She included one of my favorite creations, my minty green earrings ! I was really excited to see them in the spotlight, for once.

I also hosted a cocktail night for my Breast Cancer walking team, and I sold for more than 100 $ worth of jewelry, on which 85 $ went for the cause. For more information, visit ! Thanks to everybody that attended, this was a whole lot of fun, and I will gladly repeat the experience later this year.

I also want to mention that I started Weight Watchers on Monday December 8th, and we are now December 14th, and I still hold on the the program. (This is a miracle, I usually don't last more than 2-3 days because I usually starve when I'm carefully about what I eat) I'm never hungry, I eat whole foods and most of the recipes they provide are tasty and low in fat/sugar ! I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy good food, so I am happy, and my belly is happy, too =) I wish I can continue for a long time, since I need to lose 38 pounds to be back to my original weight. (Hmm that was like... 4 years ago !) I'll keep you guys updated on how the weight loss is going, I'm so looking forward to my first 10 pounds loss ! My mom is paying a part of the program for me, so I don't get broke while trying to loose weight, and when I loose my first 10 pounds, she said she'd buy me a pair of pants or something. Yay !

Anyway, I shall go back to work on my new healthy recipe book ! I'm converting my own recipes values in points, and I'm also gathering Weight Watchers recipes. The best way to eat healthy is to make it accessible. A recipe book will be accessible enough !

In the meantime, be careful on the roads, it's icy ! And since it's Christmas time soon, my advice is don't drink and drive,children =P

Be safe !


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