Saturday, November 8, 2008


Black and White Treasury, originally uploaded by brindegazon.

Sometimes you think you'll never make it into a treasury, and there's always somebody to remind you that you are absolutely wrong. I had a beautiful surprise yesterday, when I was back from work, I was part of Anastasia's black and white treasury. (You might want to check her shop by the way, she sells some neat stuff ! )

The necklace featured is very special to me, as it is the first piece I made that was part of my Christian collection. It was the necklace that started it all, and since then, it has never stopped.

Of course, it takes me more time to put the pieces together and form a full collection, because this is a higher end product, and I really take my time to create pieces that have a meaning.

I think the treasury is still live, I don't know if it's Treasury West or regular Treasury, because I'm featured in treasuries in both, but go take a look, some great sellers are featured there with me !


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LindaCCC said...

Very pretty necklace. Congratulations on making it into a Treasury.