Monday, October 6, 2008

I Walked 5 KM !

And my legs aren't even aching. But my shoulders are killing me. I don't get it. But this year's Run for the Cure is done with. But next year's fund raising is just starting, and I have another cocktail night coming soon ! I will be so amazingly busy for the next months =)

Here's a couple pictures from yesterday...

This is the walking team, Celyne, Patrick, Laurie and I. (Notice the TERRIFIC pink wig ?)

This year, our walk was dedicated to Jackie, a fellow Etsy seller, who is a 4 years survivor !

Viviane and Roxanne RAN 5km. I sincerely hope that they are aching today =P

Thanks for everybody's participation ! I really had a blast, and I already pre-registered for next year. This will keep me really busy, I can feel it already =P


elleabelle said...

I do love the pink wig! So happy and perfect for the occasion! I have run in the Race for the Cure for the past 5 years! Congrats on finishing it!!

elleabelle said...

If you feel so along: