Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Huge Difference...

Yesterday, as usual, I went to my Saturday night Bible study. We started about one of our fellows' spiritual birthday. Last week, Yi accepted Jesus Christ as her savior. (What a shame I wasn't there !) Then I started talking about how I didn't have a spiritual birthday, and that I always believed. Lisa then said that believing and giving yourself to the Lord is very different... She asked me if I ever remembered a moment when I realised that my faith made a huge step forward.

Then I knew when that spiritual birthday was.

The first time I went to the UK, my mother in law NEVER convinced me to go to church with them. My excuse was : Oh I'm a catholic, I can't go to your church. Catholic church was my comfort zone. I could say I "belonged" to a church and sleep like a baby at night because I thought I was saved. But still didn't go to church every Sunday, as it was "boring". And to be honest, I was avoiding the unknown by staying in the comfort of that denomination I didn't even associate with. (Not that I don't like them. I just didn't feel at ease with that church. That's different.) I was brought up catholic, but it started to feel artificial and meaningless to me.

The second time I went to the UK, I decided that I would go to church with the family. I mean, they couldn't be weird people. I knew half of the people attending already, it couldn't be that bad. When the worship started, I didn't get up at first. Then I did. And I sang. And felt the Spirit filling me with joy and peace. Then I knew I belonged there, and that I would keep on singing for the Lord.

And since then, it never stopped.

I can say I definitely started my walk with the Lord on that day. July 5th 2007.


Kelli Sincock said...

What an absolutely beautiful testimony Val. I felt like I was right there with you. I pray that your walk with the Lord is ever growing in depth. He is so loving that He does not leave us alone when we separate ourselves from Him. He is ever ready to continue our walk together.

May He bless you richly and always protect you throughout your journey. God bless!

knitblitz said...

Thanks for posting this, Val! What a great story! I can relate because I grew up kind of willy nilly going to a Catholic church. Like you said, nothing against Catholics, but those services were just kinda blah.

And I think it's so great you can share worship with your in-laws!

BTW, as far as spiritual b-days go, you are only a leeetle older than me! ;)