Thursday, February 22, 2007

While waiting for the class to begin...

To be honest, I had nothing to do a couple of minutes ago, after lunch. Then I started browsing my Etsy shop, to make a list of the things I'm dieing to get rid of. I selected the little earrings... I have many "Two pairs for the price of one" deals in my shop, because these earrings, apart from being very cute, take a LOT of space. I have loads of them, and I can't find a place where to put these xD So let's start by my favorite "Two for the $ of one" deal, the royal blue earrings.

Aren't they pretty ? This set could be yours for only 5.00$ (More details please see )

My other favorite is a set of two pairs of earrings made with Blue Mother Of Pearl chips and green malachite chips. Both are super pretty, and I'm sure this would really be a must have for this spring or summer !

This set is yours for 4.00$ (For more details, please see )

And last but not least, ONE pair of black earrings, made with square millefiori beads, for a night out or just for the black lover in you =)

They are now 3.50$ which is a very cheap price for such a pretty piece of jewelry ! (For more details, please see )

Don't forget that you get an additionnal 20 % off everything in my shop including the earrings mentionned above ! Free shipping everywhere for orders above 20 $ after reduction ! Don't miss this occasion, stuff your jewelry box while I still have stuff listed =P
Class is starting soon, I better close everything before I get noticed xD

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Art by Andrew Daniel said...

I like those blue earrings with the flowers and the white bead on top! Quite charming!