Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Really Getting in the Beat

I started school last week, and since then, I haven't had time to make much jewelry. I have so much homework, I think I'll die under geographic maps before I see my graduation day ;_; So since I won't have much time to run my Etsy shop, I'll try getting rid of what's in it, and list a lot less often.

I'm currently running a "Back-to-School Sale", and give a 20% reduction on everything, including what's in the CLEARANCE section, and for 20 $ or more after reduction, I ship for free to everywhere.

Don't hesitate to check, you might find very good deals like this one, on a 20 $ charm bracelet (Picture) which is now 16 $ after reduction.

I am very sad not to be able to run my Etsy shop like I'd wish to, but school is now my full time job, and I got to deal with it ! (And you guys get the nice stuff for pretty cheap, don't miss the occasion !)

You can access my Etsy shop by clicking on the link in the "Where you can buy my jewelry" section =)

I also added other Etsyian blogs and shops, make sure to check them out ! You can see a little bit of my work at the bottom of this page, don't be shy, it's eye candy =)


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