Monday, March 22, 2010

Amazing week-end !

I must admit, this week-end was super amazing. In fact, it was the msot amazing week-end I've had for a while.

First, I slept in on Saturday. I don't like sleeping too much, because I feel like I lose a part of my day if I do... But not this time. The rest was very much needed, and I felt much better after a big 12 (yes, 12) hours of sleep. I had an appointment with a client in the afternoon, and didn't quite feel like going. But I went anyway. It was weird... But weird appointments happen, sometimes. You just got to learn how to laugh at the whole situation.

So as soon as I got out of there, I went straight home to pick Phil up and we went to a friend's house. (It was Stephen's birthday, and we all got together at his sister's place.) I didn't quite want to go at first, but we had a BLAST ! We went to eat to a Korean restaurant named Seoul BBQ on Cavendish. Everything was sooo good ! I forgot to take pictures, everybody was just so hungry the plates' contents disapeared within minutes. Andrea ordered that spicy calamari plate that we SOOOO good. But SOOOOO spicy. I had sweat dropping from my forehead. I seriously thought I was going to die.

The funny part was when Phil realised they only gave him chopsticks (Phil can't bend his fingers, so chopsticks are not even an option.) and he set himself on a very special mission: Find another use for the dreaded chopsticks. See for yourself.

When we were done with the WALRUS impressions, we went back to Andrea's place for some birthday doughnuts and card games. We went home late, but it was a fun evening, full of laughter and interesting stories. Will definitely do that again. (See the birthday doughnuts ? They're so cute...)

As for Sunday, well, I enjoy Sundays. I had a late morning appointment, then I went home to tidy up the place and cook for my usual candlelit dinner with my hubby. Why did cleaning make my day ? Well, who doesn't feel great after cleaning their place ? It looks so nice...:)

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