Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm a Procrastinator.

I think that the word that would be the most accurate to describe me is procrastination. Not that I do it all the time for everything, but I sure procrastinate when it's time to exercise or eat well (get back on track).

I have been telling myself that I should get back on track since my return from the UK. That was 2 months ago. I have, since then, put back almost all my weight on, I have stopped exercising and I have gone back to all my bad eating habits.

Not having money to pay for Weight Watchers is not helping at all. I used to be very motivated, but since I can't pay for it anymore, I don't have my weight in every week, I don't have access to the tips and tricks from my WW leader, and I don't have access to the support from the other members. I am seriously thinking about trying WW online, as it is less expensive than the meetings, but I don't know if i'm ready yet... Which I think is weird. I am more than ready to fit in my clothes again, I'm more than ready to look fit again. But I just don't have the will.

I keep on saying I'll do it tomorrow, next week, next month. Days change to weeks, than change to months...

I feel horrible.


Lika said...

same here! Moi aussi je devrais recommencer à bien manger et tout , mais je trouve ça tellement épuisant de juste commencer à le faire. En-t-k lâche pas je crois qu'un jour ou l'autre on finira bien par être prête et qu'on se bottera le cul.

Christie Cottage said...

Good luck with your weight loss!

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