Friday, April 3, 2009

Artfire ? Oh yeah !

I came accross Artfire on Twitter, when Redpanda mentionned that for a flat fee per month, you could list an indefinite number of items, with up to 10 photos, and that, on top of this, there are absulotely no fees when you make a sale !

I thought to myself, might as well try, you never know. Etsy charges me 20 cents per listing, and 3.5% of my sale's amount, on top of the fees Paypal charges me.

So I started listing a couple days ago, I joined a Christian guild (The equivalent of street teams on Etsy I guess !) and will see how I do, but I think this is going to be a very venue ! You can make an Artfire shop window, which looks a lot like an Etsy mini, to post on your website or blog.

For those interested, the current special on the monthly fees is 12$ US per month instead of 20$, so hurry to grab an account ! I mean, when your Etsy bill is more than 12 $ a month, I can see how Artfire can be interesting ! Register on and start selling =)

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