Thursday, August 21, 2008

I made things to nom !


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Yes ! I cooked ! My friend and I decided to split big batches of food, to stop wasting what we don't eat, and to save money on groceries. We ended up with loads of food, and a freezer full of goodies for when the paycheck is not as big as expected.

It costs a lot less to divide the food as well. I bought 40$ of fresh fruits and veggies at the market, and she bought 40$ of meat and pasta. we ended up with enough food for almost 2 weeks, and the only thing we have to do is pop it in the microwave when I get back from work, and enjoy a hot meal without the long cooking prior. It really helps on the finances as well as on the stress level and rest I can get when I get home from work.

Here's what we made :

Beef and veggie stew
Veggie soup (2 kinds)
Soy sauce macaroni
Chicken and pasta salad
Potato salad
Sea Food shells with bechamelle
Banana Bread
and finally, spaghetti sauce (2 kinds)

And seriously, we're set for the next two weeks, as I ate what couldn't be frozen this weeks, and will eat what's in the freezer next week.

If you can find a group of friends you'd enjoy cooking with, try it. It is worth it. Go cook for a day, as a group, and bring plenty of nice stuff home !

Have fun =P

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