Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh wow ! I'm still alive !

I know, I haven't posted in a big while, but for a reason : I'm in the middle of a big move. Yes, I'm moving away from mum and dad's, with my hubby. This is going to be awesome.

There are little things I don't like about the apartment we rented, but that can always be fixed. The mirror in the bathroom and the silicon sealing are a few of these things. The mirror is really old, and doesn't really look like a mirror anymore, so what we'll do is buy a new one and put the old one back when we move out, and for the silicon sealing, we're going to redo it completly, as it is a matter of personal taste and not a necessary thing.

I will be able to post photos soon, when the paint is going to be dry and when our furniture is going to be moved. I think we'll make something nice out of it...

Jewelry related : Even though we're moving, my items are still available for sale, as I have access to internet, and access to my boxes (Yes, they are clearly identified ! I'm so organised, I can't believe it.) Also, you can visit my website for information on new collections that are going to be for sale soon !

I'll be posting pictures soon...


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