Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hard, hard life

I don't even have time to craft... I have loads of stuff on my desk, but it only waits there until I get 10 little minutes. I find it very hard, since I don't have a hobby anymore. I mean, I have one, but I got no time, since homework, work and school are now the biggest part of my life. I even wonder if my boyfriend thinks I neglect him...

People said I have to quit something, but honestly, I doubt I could. School ? Not a good idea. Same for homework. How can I succeed in school without doing my homework ? Impossible. Work ? Maybe, but then I couldn't pay my bus pass (103$ a month) or my books. Boyfriend ? Err... No. We're getting married next year... Only thing remaining is jewelry. I can't see myself quitting jewelry making.

I decided to stop listing on Etsy for a while, and to sell everything before listing anything else. I will relist expired items, but I won't add anything new until I'm done with school. I'll have to advertise a lot, because I'll get a lot less visibility by not listing, but I don't mind doing that.

Makes me kinda sad...

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